Wednesday, 3 January 2007

A new year

Happy (belated) new year to everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays aswell.

I'm going back to work on Monday, so I've been catching up on my film-watching during my time off (it's the only time where I'll be able to watch them). Thanks to Sky Movies (and a couple of DVDs) I've managed to see quite a few:

Herbie: Fully Loaded - Yes, it's a kids/teenage level film, but it ended up been quite funny, just not Oscar-winning.
The Pacifier - It was weird to see Vin Diesel in this after seeing him in both Pitch Black films and The Fast And The Furious. Was good though.
King Arthur - Good performances from all the cast. Fight scenes were good too.
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - Really funny and was glad that I finally managed to watch it.
Elektra - Saw Daredevil, so I was interested in how good this spin-off would be. It wasn't as good as Daredevil, but was still good as a standalone film.
Wimbledon - Really funny and one of the better sports-based films that I've seen.
Miss Congeniality 2 - Hmmm. Funny, but not Oscar-winning at all.
Flight Of The Phoenix - This was a really good film and I thought the performances of Dennis Quaid and Hugh Laurie were good.
Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow - Great old-fashioned style adventure film.
The Girl Next Door - Really funny, but also really low-brow. Elisha Cuthbert is stunning. Always thought that after seeing her in 24.
Unleashed - This became one of my favourite films. Fight scenes were excellent, Jet Li was awesome in his role and there was a surprisingly good performance from Bob Hoskins.
The Da Vinci Code - Brilliant film. All the actors put in good performances and the storyline was excellent.
The Chronicles Of Narnia - Remembered the story from ages ago when I was young. Good film version of the CS Lewis classic.
Stealth - Good action film with great special effects. I think they could have used Jamie Foxx a bit more though and the computer in the plane was too friendly and obedient towards the end.
The Longest Yard - Good, funny (especially Chris Rock), but also a blatant rip-off of this film.
Serenity - Not as good as I thought it would be, but the jokes were good and so were the action scenes.
Fantatic Four - I don't remember reading the comic, but this was a good film with good action and humour.
The Transporter 2 - Turned my brain off completely for this one. Wasn't as good as the first, but the fight scenes were decent.
Walkting Tall - I think this is the Rock's best film, but Johnny Knoxville could have been better.
Doom - another one where you have to turn off your brain. It was enjoyable though and I don't think it was as terrible as other people make it out to be.
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - Another film I should have seen ages ago. was laughing all the way through. Both the lead actors and supporting cast were good.
X-Men - The Last Stand - Great fight scenes and the best film in the franchise.
Lightning: Fire From The Sky - Ok film, but the special effects were abysmal.
King Kong - Really good film and an impressive performance from Jack Black.
Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith - Great fight scenes and it really made the star wars universe seem vast. The end of the Obi-Wan/Anakin fight could have been better though.
Anchorman - One of the funniest films I've ever seen. I used to be the only person in the world who hadn't seen it.
The Interpreter - Good film. Penn and Kidman put in good performances.

I'm also going to be watching:

If you've watched any films during the holidays, I'd be interested in knowing what they were and what you thought of them.


MattJ said...

Dude! I'm sorry but that list is so ropey!

the Rock and Johnny knoxville? the very thought makes me want to vomit up my pelvis! Of course knoxville could be better, in much the same way that brain tumours could be better - by not being there at all!

da Vinci Code - awful book by an swful author turned into an awful film with an awful script. Fine actors, terribly cobbled together 'Plot(TM' - which is obviously the the fault of the original author. I could spill the entrails of a chicken and see more depth of character in the ensuing mess than any of Brown's hamfisted constructs.

I'll stop on that one, my opinions on that literary dysentery are long and loud. I'm not gonna go through them all matey don't worry! There are a couple of entertaining movies in there but I don't think I would describe any as 'good'. Except. bizarrely, for Serenity which i thought was a faithful continuation of the TV series that was inexplicably canned midrun.

bet you're glad you gave the links now eh? lol!

MattJ said...

I got so carried away with Brown's cliche'd, hackneyed bollox I forgot about the Rock.

I got to say mate, you are the only person I have ever heard of who would even bother rating which is 'The Rock's best film'. It's like comparing poos, they are all rank and the less time spent around them arguing which is best, the better off you'll be!

David said...

A fine selection of cinematic viewing you've worked up there. I do love a good film fest, don't you?

I agree what you said about Unleashed, a great film!! Top notch, the fight scenes are awesome and a combination or Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins, awesome!

I got Doom over Christmas because it was on offer and I hadn't seen it and thought it was quite good. You're right about disengaging your brain first though, if you think about what's actually going on, you've lost the battle.

Three films i watched for the first time over Christmas were Reservoir dogs (a classic that I should've watched years ago being a self confessed film lover and all :( ) which I loved, 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis which was a bit of a let down but entertaining. The last was V For Vendetta which was fantastic, a cracking film, have you seen it? I'm really gutted that I never got to see it at the cinema to be honest.

I also managed to get Wayne's World 1&2 box set too which was great!